KRUUSE Foam Dressing

KRUUSE Foam Dressing indications:
• Flat or shallow wounds
• Wounds with a moderate level of exudate
• Infected wounds (with regular monitoring)

Key Features:
• Quick & easy to apply
• Foam expands as it absorbs exudate - conforms to shallow wound cavities
• Non-adherent foam - minimising pain and disruption of new cell growth at dressing change
• Excellent fluid handling capabilities - up to 7 days wear time
• Easy removal from fragile skin - use water/saline to deaden adhesive
• Water and bacteria proof foam backing - protects patient from cross-contamination
• Has a good fluid handling profile and absorbs over 13g/10cm2.

Clinical Evidence:
“KRUUSE Foam Dressing is easy to use, and its high fluid handling capacity makes it a cost-effective dressing that can potentially increase quality of life for patients suffering from wounds with high exudate levels”. Packs containing dressings are individually sealed in peel apart envelopes.

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