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Ophthalmic Surgery Kit

The kit contains 10 instruments. All are contained in a stainless steel case
with a protective silicone lining which minimises damage to the delicate
instruments.Suitable for the following procedures:-
• Hotz-Celsus Entropion Surgery
• Stades Procedure for Entropion with trichiasis
• Lid Wedge Resection
• Khunt-Szymanowski Entropion Surgery
• Wyman Lateral Canthoplasty for Diamond Eye
• Lateral Canthoplasty
• Parotid Duct Transposition
• Conjunctival Flaps, Pedicle, Fornix Based
• Nictitating Membrane Flap
• Replacement of Prolapsed Nictitans Gland
• Correction of Scrolled Nictitans Cartilage
• Superficial Lamellar Keratectomy
• Primary Reconstruction of Corneal Penetrating Wound
• Corneoscleral Transposition Flap
With stainless box 200mm x 100mm with integrated bacterial
filter, a silicone fingered insert to prevent instrument damage
and balloon cloth drape 18” x 18”.

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