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Eye Surgery Kit

For cornea and eyelid surgery, incl. container and
silicone pegged mat, 27 x 12.5cm.
1 Set Contains;

Autoclavable Instrument Container Fixation Forceps
981702 GRAEFE, 11cm, with splint
Slicon Positioning Mat 171411
981703 Suture Forceps CASTROVIEJO,
Tenotomy Scissors STEVENS, teeth 0.5mm, 10cm
11cm, curved, blunt / blunt 171505
110911 Suture Forceps TUEBINGEN, 10cm
Beaver Scalpel Handle 171510
101710 Chalazion Forceps DESMARRES,
ADSON Forceps 12cm 9cm
132812 171522
Eyelid Retractor BARRAQUER Iris Scissors CASTROVIEJO,
(Colibri) 10cm, curved, sharp
170004 171710
Corneal Scraper KUHNT Corneal Scissor CASTROVIEJO,
170331 10cm left
Lens Loup WEBER 172110
170464 Corneal Scissor CASTROVIEJO,
Cytodialysis Spatula CASTROVIEJO, 10cm right
double 172111
170512 Needle Holder BARRAQUER, 11cm,
Iris Forceps HESS (Colibri), 7cm curved, round handle
171007 173011
Iris Forceps BISHOP-HARMON, Complete set 173020
8.5cm, 1x2     171008  
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