KRUUSE HC Urine Catheter

KRUUSE HC Urinary Catheter -Hydrophilic Coated
In line with our present range of products, this new product is based on our belief that veterinary patients should have access to the same standard of consumables as human patients.

What is so revolutionary about our new urinary catheter?
The full length of the catheter has a hydrophilic coating. When the coating is activated in water, the result is a very smooth and viscous surface throughout the entire length of the catheter. The hydrophilic coating significantly decreases friction in the dog’s urethra – providing obvious benefits to canine patients. This helps to decrease patient discomfort and to prevent iatrogenic damage to the urethra.
Hydrophilic coated catheters provide additional benefits such as less microscopic haematuria and decreased incidence of iatrogenic UTI (urinary tract infection).  

NB: The catheter must not be left in the urethra for more than 10 minutes

01-273866 1.6 mm x 50 cm 5 FG x 20 in 
01-273867 2.0 mm x 50 cm 6 FG x 20 in 
01-273868 2.6 mm x 50 cm 8 FG x 20 in
01-273869 3.3 mm x 50 cm 10 FG x 20 in

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