KRUUSE NC Urine Catheter, Non Coated

KRUUSE NC Urinary Catheter -Non Coated
KRUUSE NC Urinary Catheter is a soft and biocompatible catheter. It is made from DEHP- free (phthalate free) medical grade. The soft catheter is less likely to cause damages to the mucous membranes in urethra and in the bladder compared to the more rigid catheters.

* Atraumatic polished lateral drainage holes
* High biocompatibility
* Suitable for medium-long placement (3 days)
* Colour-coded luer lockfitting for easy size recognition
* User-friendly end-opening box

01-273875 1.6 mm x 50 cm 5 FG x 20 in 
01-273876 2.0 mm x 50 cm 6 FG x 20 in 
01-273877 2.6 mm x 50 cm 8 FG x 20 in 
01-273878 3.3 mm x 50 cm 10 FG x 20 in

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