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Buster Classic Collars

Protective disposable collars for dogs and cats. Made of flexible and
strong polyethylene. An inexpensive solution for preventing animals from
reaching wounds on head and body.

01-273310 BUSTER dog collar 7.5 cm, 10/pk 
01-273320 BUSTER dog collar 10 cm, 10/pk 
01-273325 BUSTER dog collar 12.5 cm, 10/pk 
01-273330 BUSTER dog collar 15 cm, 10/pk 
01-273340 BUSTER dog collar 20 cm, 10/pk 
01-273350 BUSTER dog collar 25 cm, 10/pk 
01-273360 BUSTER dog collar 30 cm, 10/pk 
01-273367 BUSTER dog collar 40 cm

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