Veterinary Peanuts Splint

Veterinary Peanuts splint


-  new  innovative design vet splint resemble peeled peanut shells

- design by longitudinal midline hole 1 cm. width

 New category of orthopedic splint

- contoured peanuts splint create new category of orthopedic splint because peanuts splint can  immobilized 70-90% circumference of applied inlured animal limb

- compare to traditional orthopedic splint (usually cover<50% circumference of injured animal limb

Step application of peanuts splint

1. measure leg circumference at site that need secure fixation  (choose splint width cover 70-90% of leg circumference)

2. measure suitable splint length

3. contour peanuts splint by curve longitudinally  both sides  corresponse with injured animal limb

4. applied precontoured peanuts splint on injured limb and manually remold  at point that is not proper fit.

5. fasten peanuts splint by tape.

11-PS308 Peanuts Splint (S) 3 x 8 inc 
11-PS410 Peanuts Splint (M) 4 x 10 inc 
11-PS414 Peanuts Splint (L) 4 x 14.5 inc 
11-PS500 VELCRO Strap 1 x 12 inc (3 pcs/pk)

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