KRUUSE Rehab Dog Blankets ( NEW )

The KRUUSE Rehab Dog Blanket is a top quality blanket because it is both water-repellent and breathable and can be used during all seasons. The blanket is great for dogs with stiffness in joints and with muscle problems because the blanket covers large parts of the legs, hips, back and shoulder.
The softshell material of the blanket retains the dog’s body heat and increases the blood circulation, which is important because a warm and dry body is essential to keep the elasticity functions of the joints and muscles at their optimum and the effect of the blanket is like a thermos; the blanket keeps a constant body temperature.
The blanket is breathable, which is great for skin and fur and thanks to the lightweight material the blanket is confortable and the dog can move around easily; which is also a big advantage for the working dog.
This blanket is recommended by both physiotherapists and vets. The blanket is equipped with reflectors and the front of the blanket is adjustable.
The blanket is washable at 40° C and should air-dry.

01-279888 Length: 25 cm, Small Chihuahua 1 pc 
01-279889 Length: 30 cm, Chihuahua 1 pc 
01-279820 Length: 33 cm, Papillon, Yorkshire Terrier 1 pc 
01-279821 Length: 36 cm, French Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer 1 pc 
01-279822 Length: 42 cm, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle 1 pc 
01-279823 Length: 48 cm, Kelpie, M Shnauzer, Am Staff Bulldog 1 pc 
01-279824 Length: 55 cm, Border Collie, Springer spaniel 1 pc 
01-279825 Length: 62 cm, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever 1 pc 
01-279826 Length: 69 cm, German Shepherd male, Rotteweiler male 1 pc 
01-279827 Length: 76 cm, Great Dane, Mastiff 1 pc 
01-279828 Length: 42 cm, Regular Dachshund 1 pc 
01-279829 Length: 46 cm, Large Dachshund 1 pc 
01-279912 Starter kit, Length 25-76 cm, 12/pk

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