KRUUSE Rehab Hock Protectors

The hock protector can be used before and after surgery for chronic arthritis i.e. Osteoarthritis, OCD, ligament injuries, arthritis, ED and other assessments.

User Manual: The hock protector is placed with the tip of the hock out through the opening in the protector and then stretched around the leg above and under the joint.

Care: Wash by hand and air-dry

01-279932 XXS : Coton de Tulear, Tibetan Spaniel 1 pc
01-279933 XXXS : Chihuahua, Papillon, Maltese 1 pc
01-279839 XS : Cocker Spaniel, Whippet 1 pc 
01-279840 S : Collie, Springer Spaniel 1 pc 
01-279841 M : Labrador, Dalmatian 1 pc 
01-279842 L. : Rottweiler, German Shepherd 1 pc 
01-279884 XL : Bernese Mountain Dog 1 pc 
01-279914 Hock protector, starter kit, sizes XXXS-XL, 7/pk

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