KRUUSE Rehab Elbow Protectors ( NEW )

“Unfortunately, many dogs are afflicted by articular cartilage injuries or of articular cartilage wear on their elbows. Often it is related to the limited ability for the dog to be able to cope with exercise, training or competition.
When the dog appears to be troubled by its elbow joints, the most common symptom is lameness or stiffness, which they can then ease by moving about a bit. When dogs exhibit these symptoms, an elbow protector is the ideal solution in connection with the end of a training session in order to exert counter-pressure on subsequent swelling. Furthermore, the protection also contributes with increased heat, thus providing the muscles with better oxygen supply and better circulation conditions.
For many dogs, the elbow protector can be decisive in how well they can adapt to their joint problems. It counteracts pain, swelling and gives muscles a chance to rest correctly.”
Stefan Rosén, ReDog AB

The Elbow Protector can be used before and after surgery and in connection with chronic arthritis i.e. Osteoarthritis, OCD, ligament injuries, arthritis, ED and other assessments.

User Manual: The elbow protector is fastened above and under the joint with the aid of two touch fastener bands that run through loops in the protector so that it does not slide down the leg.

Care: Wash by hand and air-dry

01-279930 XXS : Coton de Tulear, Tibetan Spaniel 1 pc
01-279931 XXXS : Chihuahua, Papillon, Maltese 1 pc
01-279834 XS : Cocker Spaniel, Whippet 1 pc 
01-279835 S : Collie, Springer Spaniel 1 pc 
01-279836 M : Labrador, Dalmatian 1 pc 
01-279837 L. : Rottweiler, German Shepherd 1 pc 
01-279883 XL : Bernese Mountain Dog 1 pc 
01-279916 Elbow protector, starter kit, sizes XXXS-XL, 7/pk
01-279918 Joint protectors and weight cuffs, starter kit, 44/pk

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